Dies ist nur die E-Rechnungs-Test-Version.

Hier einlangende Rechnungen werden nicht verarbeitet und daher auch nicht bezahlt

Order reference of the Federal Government

The order reference is used to route the invoice to the invoice recipient.

If you do not know your order reference, please contact the commissioning governmental department directly. Neither the e-Rechnung.gv.at support nor the USP hotline can provide any information in this matter.

The order reference is assembled as follows:

  1. Order number (10 digit, e.g. 4700000001) or
  2. Buyer group (3 digit, e.g. Z01; German abbreviation "EKG") or
  3. Buyer group:reference (e.g. Z01:111599)
PropertyOrder numberBuyer groupBuyer group:reference
Value constraints10 digit numerical3 digit alphanumerical3 digit alphanumerical + ":" + maximum of 50 characters
Order position number required?yesnono