Dies ist nur die E-Rechnungs-Test-Version.

Hier einlangende Rechnungen werden nicht verarbeitet und daher auch nicht bezahlt

The Business Service Portal/Unternehmensservice Portal (USP)

The USP (www.usp.gv.at) is the access portal for the economy to E-Government-applications of the federal government. Beside the transaction of administrative errands in the Internet the USP also serve as authentication portal, to bring e-invoices to the public sector.

Registration on the USP

For using the e-government-applications such as e-Rechnung.gv.at you need to register once (and free of charge) at the USP. Registration can be completed in three different ways:

  • with your current FinanzOnline access data
    • by the financial-online-supervisor or
    • by the sole trader;
  • with your Austrian Citizen Card (chip card or mobile phone signature)
    • by the solely authorised legal representative or
    • by the sole proprietor;
  • by registering at the information centre of your tax office
    • without FinanzOnline access data,
    • without an Austrian Citizen Card (chip card or mobile phone signature) or
    • without a solely authorised legal representative.

More information about registration on the USP is provided at the USP-website and at the USP-online-advisor. By questions on registration, please use replies gathered on frequently asked questions or please contact the USP Service Center (USP contact).

After successful registration at the USP, at least one user has to be created who will be responsible for all matters regarding e-invoicing. This user will be granted the necessary rights. Please note that only a USP administrator can assign user rights.

Further documents for USP