Dies ist nur die E-Rechnungs-Test-Version.

Hier einlangende Rechnungen werden nicht verarbeitet und daher auch nicht bezahlt

Upload invoices

The upload section provides the opportunity to upload self-generated electronic invoices in any of the supported formats to deliver them to the public sector. This is especially helpful, if you occasionally invoice to the public sector, though you have an invoicing system available to create an e-invoice yourself.

If the e-Invoice is correct both technically and content-wise, a PDF is generated and forwarded to the stated recipient. An e-mail with the PDF of the e-Invoice attached informs the biller that the e-Invoice has been accepted.

If the content validation shows any error, the biller is informed of the reasons by e-mail. In such cases, the invoice is considered as not transmitted and no PDF is sent out.

Please consider that the e-invoice cannot be changed during or after the upload. A list of supported e-Invoice formats is available.

Note: on http://test.erechnung.gv.at/ invoices can be uploaded for testing purposes. A self-created invoice can be checked for technical accuracy before production transmission. If your invoice contains technical errors, you will be notified with the error message on the cause. This functionality is available without previous logon at the USP. Invoices uploaded in the test environment will not be processed further and therefore not be paid!