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Peppol eDelivery network

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Peppol is an internationally developed solution that aims to standardize cross border public e-Procurement within the European Union.

Note: e-Rechnung.gv.at supports receiving of documents via AS4 as well as it supports invoices and credit notes according to BIS 3.

The Peppol transport infrastructure is based on standardized message profiles as well as a transport infrastructure which ensures a safe and reliable exchange of electronic documents between the customer (especially from the public sector) and their contractual partners. The procurement process is, among others, electronically supported from the catalogue over the order up to the invoice.

The Austrian administration offers the possibility to realize invoices in this way within the scope of the e-government application e-Rechnung.gv.at for national as well as for foreign contractual partner of the Austrian administration. A Peppol Access Point was established which is capable to accept and forward e-invoices delivered via the Peppol transport infrastructure for further processing within the federal government.

As a contractual partner of the public administration, you have the possibility to make use of a service provider or to establish an Access Point on your own to transmit e-invoices.

Details on the used invoice format Peppol-UBL as well as information on the Peppol Transport Infrastructure are available on this site.

You can find additional information also at www.peppol.eu. You can also ask questions directly at the OpenPEPPOL Service Desk.

Please note: the participation in the Peppol network is subject to charge. Only paying members of OpenPEPPOL receive an electronic certificate to digitally sign their messages. The transmission of messages itself is free of charge. Hence, the transmission via Peppol is usually only interesting for service provider because the arising costs are not likely to be paid by single persons. Details regarding the membership in OpenPEPPOL are to be found at OpenPEPPOL Membership.

Success Stories

Transmission of e-Invoices via Peppol works for many suppliers. Here you find selected success stories: