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Invoice Recipients

Via E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT it is possible to transmit electronic invoices to the federal government and to connected institutions of the other public sector.

Invoice Recipients of the federal Government

Based on the provisions of Section 5 of the Austrian ICT Consolidation Act (IKTKonG), the Austrian federal government only accepts electronic invoices (e-Invoices) for the provision of goods and services. The federal government institutions are in general:

  • All ministries and their subordinated administrative offices
  • The Parliament
  • The office of the federal president
  • The higher administrative court
  • The constitutional court
  • The Austrian ombudsman board
  • The court of audit

A detailed listing as well as a list of decided non-federal agencies is available.

Invoice Recipients of other public sector institutions

A detailed listing of all invoice recipients of other public sector institutions connected to E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT, is also available.

Currently there exists no legal obligation for e-Invoices to the institutions of the other public sector.