Dies ist nur die E-Rechnungs-Test-Version. Hier einlangende Rechnungen werden nicht verarbeitet und daher auch nicht bezahlt


Aufgrund von Arbeiten im Backend werden von TEST-ERECHNUNG.GV.AT keine Bestätigungsmails verschickt. Test-Rechnungen können eingebracht werden und die Bestätigungen werden nach Abschluss der Arbeiten versendet.

Dies betrifft nur die E-RECHNUNG.GV.AT Test-Version. Bestätigungen zu Echt-Rechnungen werden versendet.

Invoice data

The Invoice data, named in section 11 UStG, plus further invoice relevant data have to be indicated.

  • Addressor (denomination, address, email-address, if needed UID number* (VATIN), contact details)
  • Recipient (denomination, possibly department, address, if needed UID number* (VATIN), contact details)
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice date
  • Delivery date or service period
  • Optional payment conditions (if they are not indicated, "immediately due" is applied)
  • Payment data (either bank details with IBAN and BIC or SEPA Direct Debit Scheme)
  • Data for the charged commodity/effort (name of the item, amount, unit, unit price, VAT rate)
  • All round price (pre-tax, after-tax, value-added tax)
  • Optional legal status, registered business address, business registration number, and so on (pursuant to section 14 UGB)

* By an invoiced amount > € 400 the UID number (VAT registration number) of the biller must be indicated. By an invoiced amount > €10.000 also the UID number of the invoice recipient must be indicated. If biller and/or invoice recipients do not own a UID number, the value "ATU00000000" or "00000000" (8 times zero) is to be entered to pass the audit positively.

Special content for invoices to the federal government

For an invoice to a federal government institution the following additional information has to be given:

  • Supplier number (from the assignment)
  • Order reference (from the assignment)
  • Order position number (if indicated by the assignment; depends on the order reference)

Special content for invoices to other public sector institutions

For an invoice to a other public sector institutions the following additional information has to be given: